Obama,Sign of the Anti-Christ ?

My friend was telling me the signs of the Antichrist ariving, and I thought about it.. and Obama came very close. So, Is Obama the sign of the Anti-Christ? ;~;

Answer #1

The world will have to wait and see, yes or no.

Answer #2

Obama IS a MUSLIM!! Good Lord People!!! Open your F*$cking eyes!!!

Answer #3

You don’t agree with his policies, fine.

You don’t think he’s the best leader to take America forward, fine.

You don’t think he agrees with some of your viewpoints, fine.

But to say that Obama is a radical Muslim, or the antichrist, is just INSANE. Stop putting religious stereotypes into your mind

Answer #4

“When dealing with 13 year olds, it might a better to set an an example… “

I’d be laughing harder at the absurdity of the OP if I didn’t know there are many adults who think the same thing.

Answer #5

“lilpoofle words a question to liken Obama to the anti-christ and we need to stop the name calling”

When dealing with 13 year olds, it might a better to set an an example…


Answer #6

You guys and gals need to settle down and talk about the issues and quit attacking each other. I really believe the reactions to the winner no matter who it is could be quite disastrous. People are very heated on both sides. God be with us.

Answer #7

Muslim decent**

Stop looking at the parties, start listening to them. Obama, Yes he’s a democrat, and democrats seem to be wayyy better then repulicans, right?

well, look what Ronald Reagan done , he was republican.

Answer #8

lilpoofle, if you think Obama is muslim, than you are ignorant. And what exactly do you mean by “STOP LOOKING AT THE PARTIES!” ?

Answer #9

… ._.;;; Stop calling me ignorant. and;; jimahl, STOP LOOKING AT THE PARTIES! D:

Answer #10

“Barrak Husane Obama.”


I mean…wow.

If ignorance is bliss, lilpoofle, you must be ecstatic.

Answer #11

you got to think, Obama is MUSLUM, he has a GODLY FIGURE, he’s in his 40’S , he’s trying to say he has these powers to stop the wars, and everyone believes it. I Have you looked at his whole name? Barrak Husane Obama=666. I’m not f*cking crazy.

Answer #12

…the same scenario can be applied to virtually ANY political leader in history. You merely have to WANT it to…

Answer #13

obama is NOT muslum lilpoofle

Answer #14

The true anti-crhist only exists in your fantasy world…

Answer #15

Spelling issue, sorry. D: I thimk America can go four moar years with a republican. we wont die/

Answer #16

~~ sigh ~~

Here we go again…

I think you might have that backwards…

Just having some fun with my morphing software…

Answer #17

I think WE all answered your question. lol. Probably amblessed agrees with you.

Answer #18

Thanks for not answering my question, I appreciate it ;]

Answer #19

“Barrak Husane Obama=666. I’m not f*cking crazy”

Yes you are…

Are you trying to imply that each of his names has 6 letters? I can see you have trouble spelling, but you also seem to have trouble counting too. The only name that has six letters is Barack (not Barrak). Hussein (not husane) has 7, and Obama has only 5.

Wait, they average 6 letters per name though…maybe you do have something there…

Answer #20

the true anti-christ wont come til God returns…and he hasn so the true anti_christ no…some people refers to others as anti-christ when they proclaim to be God or teaches false prophets( or lies bout the Bible)…the true anti-christ comes when God has called his children home and the non believers are left behind, the the anti-christ appears…and I dont know why people got onto the parties b/c him democrate has nothin to do wit it..anyways, no he isn..hes just a guy

Answer #21

lol. yes, and John McCain is Father Time…

Answer #22

I(ra)q…(O)s(ama)(Bi)n Lau(den) Ba(ra)ck…(O)b(ama)(Bi)(den)…interesting! Wake up people!!!

Answer #23

One cannot be of muslim descent. That is like saying you are of christian descent. And if you are saying he is of Arab descent, that is not true.

Yes, lets look at what Ronald Reagan did? He created the greatest deficit this country ever saw, that is until Dubya. He deregulated just about every industry he could, which has led us directly to the financial crisis today, as well as many other issues due to lack of government oversite. He busted unions, which led to a flattening of salaries and a contraction of the middle class. Basically the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer, and middle class just kept getting squeezed. Don’t believe the myth of Reagan that the right professes. It is not true.

I look and listen to both parties. But one party seems to be concerned with the interests of the American people, while the other party is more concerned with the interests of its corporate donors.

This is a generalization. I realize not every member of both parties falls exactly into these descriptions.

Answer #24

The question is , “Is Obama (a) sign of the Antichrist?” Not, “Is Obama THE Antichrist?” The answer to the actual question is, yes. The way that this simple politician has been exalted as a political savior is a sign that the world is preparing to receive the Antichrist. If a politician can excite people to the point of having them write things like, “He is my personal Jesus”, how much more dedication can be expected towards someone who can perform “Signs” and “marvels” to deceive the masses?

So, yeah, your friend was correct. The problem is people didn’t understand the actual question.

The reception of Obama is a sign that, “He who will come in his own name” draws close, and the people have shown that they are ready to receive him.

An interesting article can be seen @:http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=71144

Answer #25

lilpoofle words a question to liken Obama to the anti-christ and we need to stop the name calling. The original wording of the question was name calling. Though I do know that you, texaskimmie, are not an obama supporter, and I quote “ And I would never in a million years vote for Obama. E-V-E-R!!” so maybe the original wording was not objectionable to you.

Answer #26

yes my fellow catholics believe so,cross check revelations with nostradamus and see what you believe then.technically www is the numerical equivellent of 666.waiting on the sighn of the beast marking his followers.I believe the micro chips they want to install in our youth as a location device.who knows.gods people know and should not question meerly warning people of the end times is reminding them of a decision they have already made concerning their faith.

Answer #27

You people are beyond retarded. I’m 16 and living in australia, and I always wondered why people think americans are so stupid. That has just answered my question.

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