Why is there a draft system being implemented (Selective Service System)?

sss.gov mandatory registration by the time a man turns 18 and ends until he is 26. Or so goes my understanding, can someone explain to me why in a few years I have to register for something my ideology conflicts directly against?

Answer #1

You’re in the land of the free, my friend…as long as you do what you’re told. I agree with your view on this wholly - I think it should be a right, not an obligation.

Answer #2

I just have this feeling that the US already tried to implement a draft system and it just didn’t work out, I mean do they need to make a mistake twice to understand the ramifications of it?

Answer #3

it is actually until you are 25. and it is illegal not to register for guys. women do not have to register i believe, my sisters didnt have to. but it is there in case of a world war. i think they never removed it because of how the World Wars went with needing so many soldiers. do i agree with it, no, but it is something we all must do in america.

Answer #4

This is not something new. I had to do it 32 years ago when I turned 18. My son just turned 18 and had to do it also. You are only registering, not enlisting. Since we don’t have a draft right now, it means nothing. But if there is a draft, you can be drafted. There is nothing you can do about it. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The rich and powerful, who control things, do not want to see their kids be drafted and sent to war, so they will never support the draft. They are more than willing to let the peons (who join because they have no other opportunities) do the fighting for them.

Answer #5

I caught a poster of it in the bus on my way home, of course using that as my only reference wasn’t too convenient :)

Answer #6

i saw the same thing in my guidance counselor’s office!

Answer #7

I Would Never Register! I Don’t Care If I Was A Man Or Not!

Answer #8

LOL! and then would you get in trouble with the law??? just wondering?

Answer #9

She wouldn’t but a man would, it was disputed before the Supreme Court and decided. I can’t recall the court case right now but it’s already been tried and tested; and of course, failed.

Answer #10

ohhhh ok… i understnad (: THANKS (: but why MEN ONLY??? can women be like the cooks and nurses or nothing at all?

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