she got pregnant an got the brith control shot on oct 24, thoughts?

she got pregnant an got the brith control shot on oct 24 and only took it once and it last as long as three months only and she never tooken notting since and she as her period back and her period is always!! HEAVEY!!! an this one is very lil and there’s spotting..and low back hurting breast hurting …but it feel like her period kinda but with out the breast hurting she never has could that mean some think else …PLEASE ANWSER

Answer #1

did she take a pregnancy test?

Answer #2

noo she did’nt take one and no she did take no other medication but her period got a lil heaveyer but when your on your period does your breast get bigger?

Answer #3

well she might want to see a doctor it could be her birth control, or she could be prego.. Maybe another Medication she took?

Answer #4

when you are on the birth control shot ( depo provera) it is normal to have a irregular period and soon it will slow down and then she wont have it so dont worry nothing is wrong with her it is normal I am on it so I am not just giving you my opinion on it. I have been on it for 3 years os good luck and I hope this helped

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