What can i do to get a flat stomach & lose weight.?

I've Been Running 1-3 Miles Everyday & Doing 210 Different Crunches From This Thing On Youtube. & I Haven't Been Eating Very Much. Just Fruit & Maybe A Sandwich. Is That Enough To Lose Weight.? Or Do I Need To Do Something More. [ My Goal Is To Lose About 30 Lbs In 2 Months. ]

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Just Stop Eating :D

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stop eating isn't going to do anything but starve you to death.

How do I lose weight from my stomach?!

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yaa but that way u'll stop thinking about that =P

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do you know what your ideal body mass index is. you should find that out and make that your goal. if you dont eat enough you wont loose weight at all because your body will start holding onto the fat in your body. Also look into body conditioning. its not enough to work out. you have to keep changing your work outs regularly. you body gets used to one sequence of exercise, then you change to a different one. Martial arts is a great way to tone up

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Ps, talk to your gp about nutrition. The better your nutrition the better your body condition.

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wat you could is to situps every 3 times a day but you have to put your legs straight dont bent them you will feel your stomach working and about lose weight i really dont knoow

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go on a jog everyday for about a mile do some push up and crunches or even join a sport

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avoid salty foods drink only water and lots of it do a lot of cardio that's what cuts the fat and then finish with some strength with dumbells with your legs kind of wide apart you bend them and suck your abs and butt in with your arms up in front of you holding the dumbells you kind of rock your torso back and forth it works the abs greatly. but lots of cardio for weight loss

How can I lose weight around my stomach?

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