How can I fix my laptop charger?

So pretty much, it won’t stay in my laptop and charge, it falls out a little bit, so for it to charge I have to hold it in place, and if im lucky, and stay perfectly still, it stays in place. How can i get it to stay in really good? AND it overheats really easily

Answer #1

once its in push some paper in with it to hold it in place.

fold the paper till its tight enough to go in with the charger end and keep it there.

Answer #2

but it overheats so bad, I can hardly even stand touching it! Couldn’t paper start a fire or something?

Answer #3

i wouldnt think so but if your worried dont do it.

you could also just use some sellotape. just use a bit to hold it to teh laptop from the wire of the charger.

if its the type that has [you see i dont use them] has a larger plastic block between the wire and the metal part that enters your laptop then just wrap the sellotape around that and put the end on the laptop so it holds it nice and tight.

or just push the laptop against the wall so the charger part is pressed up against the wall.

Answer #4

Have you had a look around the slot where the charger slips in? You could of burned the inside and thats why it might fall out a little bit, If you keep your charger on a cushin or a fabric it over heats pretty quickly its best to keep your charger on the floor or on a hard surface, Same thing with your Laptop keep it on a hard surface, if its on a fabric, bed etc it can over heat quickly because your trapping the fan from letting out air

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