Is there a way to fix your laptop speakers?

my speakers on my laptop are Sh#t the right one always crackles or fuzzes up on a song and its so frigin ANOYING is there a way to fix it without replacing junk?

Answer #1

Try contacting your laptop company. They may be able to fix them.

Answer #2

what is your sound card?

start/windows logo - run - [type] dxdiag - sound 1.

screen shot it or type it down.

Answer #3

i have a macintosh

Answer #4

Does it sound the same with headphones? If it sounds the same then there is a software or operating system issue. if your headphones sound clear then your speakers may need to be replaced.

Answer #5

there should be local shops around your area, they do computer repair

Answer #6

How old are u

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