do girls find orange hair attractive?

hey my hair is kinda rangar not like fire red but like a little or it is atleast when I get it cut so really its orange enough check my pic it shows you so my question anyway is to girls is ragar hair really that bad and would you be like yuk and not find any rangar attractive?

Answer #1

I might be odd but I find Red/Oarange heads really atractive, but thats just me.

Answer #2

I’ve never really found that I liked a blonde, redhead or darker haired guy just because of his hair colour.

Answer #3

depends how red.

Answer #4

Actually, yours is ok. I thought we were talking bright orange. Yours is a little more brown. That’s not bad. I like how it sticks up too.

Answer #5

I don’t like it, but that’s just me personally.

Answer #6

Orange hair depends on the person and just really all comes down to it. I mean, people shouldnt even be worried about looks anyways, peronslity is all that counts.

Answer #7

I personally think guys should have dark hair

Answer #8

oops I mean orange.

red hair is okay. but I don’t really like orange hair like a carrot orange. its not that I find the guy unattractive. its just I prefer dark hair.

Answer #9

I personally Like brunetts myself…But yours isnt that bad! Once you find the right girl you will be able to tell =) She may be right around the corner!

Answer #10

Orange hair is cute, but it also depends on the person.

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