Do you find it sexist my school has a math tutoring center strictly for women since "women dont succeed in math as much as men"?

I was quite insulted when my teacher was speaking about how in higher math classes there aren’t any women because it’s to hard for them so theres a specific tutoring place just for women. I dont have a problem that theres a center just for women but the fact it’s there since were “inferior” is what gets to me.

Answer #1

Well studies do show that most women are better at Language Arts while most men are better at Mathematics. But the way your teacher phrased it does sound sexist :/

Answer #2

Do they have studies backing this up, you can’t make egregious claims like that and expect people to slide with it. If they don’t then it’s pretty much sexist and a bit misogynist if you ask me, just a bit.

Answer #3

HAH! Oh my god. That’s just wrong… they don’t succeed in math as much as men? Your teachers are haaatterrrsssss.

Answer #4

Yes it was more the way it was phrased, repeatedly, that bugged me so much.

Answer #5

It is true though, it’s been proven that women tend to not do as well in math as men. I don’t really see anything wrong with having tutors for women, it was likely just the way it was phrased that made it strike a nerve with you.

Answer #6

Connor Murphy is right about the studies, however, that is only ON AVERAGE. If a man wants to go to a tutoring center, he must feel that he needs help with the subject and if a student needs help, I feel that the school should provide that help, no matter what sex they are. Men and women are being given the same opportunities and therefore I believe it is sexist. Perhaps if they also had a separate tutoring center just for men. That may be fine if they for some reason thought that to be more beneficial, but I don’t see any reason why it could be.

Answer #7

There’s nothing that proves that women are worse at math than men. There are studies showing that men tend to get higher scores when you look at the upper ranges of math success, but there’s nothing proving that it is an inherent difference, rather than social conditioning, that leads to those differences. So no, nothing has actually been proven. And I assume your teacher is a professor. With at least a master’s degree or a PhD. Which makes it weird that he has no idea how to interpret studies or what is ‘proof’ when it comes to statistics and reading scientific data. I see no particular reason that women would need their own little corner to study math.

Answer #8

Much of the research that supports the idea that males are better at math is old and outdated. There is recent research that suggests that the gap is closing between the sexes when it comes to math. I believe that women are often thought of as the “lesser sex”, and we often have to prove ourselves in many male dominated careers. IMO what your professor said was a little narrow minded and borderline ignorant.

Answer #9

Ya know my math teacher said that one time too… and she was a girl. so what she did was bump all the girls scores who didnt make a perfect up 5 points. Now is that sexist?

Answer #10

Yes. What’s your point? Only males are allowed to be sexist against females? I would argue that the biggest impediments against women is other women.

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