Who are sexier, Men or Women?

Hey who do you think are sexier Men or Women? Why do you beleive in your choice? Please give reasons for your choice. Please give suggestions. Thank You.

Answer #1

To me, men are sexier. Their smell, their size, their muscles, those oh so strong jaw lines, masculine noses… mmm. I like how they rub their eyes when they’re tired… Sorry. That’s terribly sexist, isn’t it?


Answer #2

Well you know what they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I honestly think it depends on the beholder and what their definition of sexy is. I think sexy means to be appealing sexually, so women are sexiest to men and men are sexiest to women. Both are desired to the same extent by each other, so it’s a tie.

Answer #3

Well in society, women are generally objectified and thus are accepted as the more beautiful sex, hence the reason why most art museums have pictures of naked women everywhere and why in the media we always see images of women half dressed in the foreground while men are fully dressed and more in the back. The focus is upon making women into objects because the notion is that women are pretty things to be had.

So basically men and women are equally sexy in reality, yet you are sure to find that many people may think that women are more sexy.

Answer #4

Umm there both equally sexy unless there ugly…

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