Do women enjoy watching men masturbate?

I know most guys really like watching a woman pleasure herself. But last night, I decided the sex with my girlfriend had gotten boring, so I suggested we watch each other masturbate. I often find I enjoy masturbation more than sex because 1) I’m looking at an attractive female, and 2) I get my rocks off either way.

Anyway, the point is, my girlfriend really didn’t enjoy watching me masturbate as much as I watched her. She said it didn’t make her feel very good about herself to see me pleasuring myself to a 2-dimensional, air-brushed, silicone-enhanced picture. Do any of you ladies out there feel differently about this issue?

Answer #1

I love watchin my boyfriend masturbate infront of me, I find it a turn on… and I start too masturbate my self which makes us both really horny we finish things off for each other…

Answer #2

I’m sorry if I had hurt your feeling, it wasn’t my intentions, it seemed to me at first that you were just rtying to be mean and cruel to your girlfriend. It would hurt me a lot if that was me. Plase don;t attack me or my advice I am a pretty nice person and pretty smart if you can give me a chance.

Answer #3

every girl like different stuff its really unpodictable

Answer #4

I agree with skinnysazwannabe, I likw to watch my b/f masterb@t3, I love the faces he be making, its a turn on for me.

Answer #5

I often masturbate my wife whilst she looks at mens porn mags. The whole point is that we both derive pleasure from it. I would never do anything that my wife found repulsive…You have to talk about them first. BTW It’s considered bad manners to sneak a niffty fifty whilst your wife/girlfriend is sleeping beside you, whether they wake up or not!!!

Answer #6

umm personally I wouldn’t want to watch but why did you do it it to a picture the girl of your dreams was sitting there watching u you shold have just thought about her

Answer #7

Firstly you masturbated to an image of another girl infront for your girlfriend thats a big no no. It sends the message that she isnt enough for you that this 2d image gives you more arousal, Try watchin a porn dvd with her and mutually masturbating then it sends less of a negative message or just masturbate with out the aid of and image. because there is nothing less attractive then a guy jacking it to some porn, its much better to stroke yourself with your partner in bed or something and masturbate together, but ther is loads you can do to spice things up just look around google, just pick one that wont make her feel less than adequate

Answer #8

Yes I do … acully its quite common to me to see a guy masterbait expecially to me drives me wild I enjoy masterbaition and I enjoy the sensation I get from it … some people just feel differently

Answer #9

I dont think its fun at all to watch someone masturbate. esspecialy men. she proll why feels bad b/c she isnt the one pleasuring you the pic is. sex and pleasure should be between you and her and not you and something else. thats how I would feel. why didnt you just think of some new sex postions?

Answer #10

I love watching guys it really turns me on, still watching a guy “pleasing” himself with a woman’s picture is a definite turn off. Women do actually want the sex more though, I would think other than just watching. Well goes for me.

Answer #11

of corse not all women feel the same way, but if I had to guess then I’d say no, they don’t like watching men masterbate. its been my experience that most women don’t like the idea men are haveing orgazams with out them or with out their knowlege. I’ve been told by many of my straight friends (yes I’m gay), that their GFs are very threatened by their “porn collection”, no matter how old it is. to me, this is silly. its totaly unrealistic to think any person can TOTALY control anothers orgazam all the time. in the end it will only serve to drive people apart. control freaks are lousy lovers!

Answer #12

Men are visual creatures, women could really care less about a picture of a penis, while a man will flip over a picture of tits, ass or pussy.

Personally I don’t MIND watching a man masturbate, but it helps if I’m activly participating, either helping him, or helping myself ;)

Answer #13

In my opinion and experience, the only reason i would resort to watching a guy masterbate is if he wanted to watch me. I would never ask him to i would rather to things myself, but if he wanted to watch me i would. The only thing that would bother me out of it is if thats all he wanted to do all the time. then that would make me question if he actually likes being with me at all or just his own hand. But it sounds like you have a good variety going on lol And i believe women are very visually stimulated, but not in the way you think. Yeah every girl will see a hunky guy and think ‘omg id love to see him naked’ or something like that, but if it actually does come down to doing the deed with him, we love nothing more than to grab his big shoulders and feel his back and so on…….you get my drift…..not just sit there and watch him do things to himself.

Answer #14

I love for a woman to watch me play with myself. to know she is watching me enjoy my own body and knowing she is watching me get myself off is the BEST.

Answer #15

A lot of women enjoy mutual masterbation, but most of us lovely ladies, will stop pleasuring ourselves, to focus on our man. There is nothing some women love more than pleasing a man.

Oh yeah, why the hell would you need a picture when she was in the room with you? The fact there your girlfriend was watching should have been the biggest turn-on.


Answer #16

I enjoy watchig men masturbate, but to see you masturbating to another woman’s picture would probably have turned me right off. I think gals want to feel that they are the most sexiest desirable thing in the universe when a guy is with them. Maybe it wasn’t the masturbating part that made her feel bad, but the fact that she wasn’t the main point of focus. Ah well! Diiferent strokes, for different folks!

Answer #17

I loved my boyfriend very deeply and well. he was surprised when I asked him to masturbate while I watched. he was so so beautiful… his body, his sexuality, his being.

in the end he didn’t want me… but while we were together as a couple, I had the honor and pleasure of celebrating his and our sexuality.

dfk, I know that you’ve long since moved on. and it appears that still, none other compares with you…

Answer #18

How do you masturbate seeing your girlfriend or wife..thats just awkward unless you cum on her… I dont want to be rude…but I guess there no other way of doing it…either this or having it done to you by a girl(hand job, blow job) which is what people normally do But what the question meant was not sexual intercourse nor watching porn and then masturbating in your girlfriend’s presence… the question was about masturbating by just looking at your girlfriend at a distance from you, who herself is masturbating..this was the question…this scenario is really awkward I think

Answer #19

You should have been looking at her! No wonder she wasn’t into it. Geez…

Answer #20

I like to watch my husband!

Answer #21

no way

Answer #22

I like watching but only bevause I know it’s me that caused it. If he was doig it over someone else then I wouldnt.

Answer #23

mmm I think it would be nice watching my man masturbate especially if I could see that I was the reason he got a boner and wanted to jerk off in the first place although… I’d probably want to help him a little if you know what I mean ;)

Answer #24

hope not it looks kinda weird but now the other way around I know it turns me on when I see a girl masturbate so dont know

Answer #25

my girlfriend lovess to watch me jack-off she says it makes her horny and she loves licking off the cum when im done

Answer #26

I LOVE to watch a man masturbate, something about the look on his face, the sounds that he makes - it’s all a massive turn on for me. I love seeing how he touches himself and what really gets him going. I don’t care if he’s looking at pictures - I think we’re all a little silly if we don’t admit we fantasize about other folks. Sometimes my boyfriend is all I need and other times Matthew Fox is stuck in my head. It’s just human nature.

Answer #27

I like hearing my boyfriend pant, and just knowing he is starting to masterbate in front of me gets me off.

Answer #28

if you were my boyfriend I would dump your sorry butt, man how dumb can you be?? why in the world would you think she’s enjoy looking at you masturbate to someone else???

Answer #29

I like watching, but I wouldn’t want the person I was watching to look at others. You have a real, gorgeous woman in front of you, but you chose a picture over her. No wonder she didnt like it.

Answer #30

actually, I’d LOVE to watch my boyfriend masturbate, it’d be hot

Answer #31

I wouldn’t mind watching my boyfriend masturbate XD ;)

Answer #32

I have seen my boyfriend masturbating (and heard him a lot on the phone too :)) but I would honestly be insulted if he wanked over a picture of another woman. I think you should re-think the whole “mutual masturbation thing” and if she hasnt already dumped you, then stick to sex and oral.

Answer #33

Men like porn more than women Both sexes like different things about sex for a start Im not surprised your girlfriend didn’t like you looking at porn, you should have probably watched her getting off while she was watching you instead

Answer #34

we like doin yall better than watchin yall masterbate

Answer #35

I think you need help… to masturbate over a pic of a modle is fine, but to do it infront of your lady is just plane silly. did you really think she would like that, and I cant even beggin to think how un sexy and ugly you made her feel, that pore woman. if she had got some photos of men that were hung like a donky and really good looking then masturbated infrunt of you, would that make you feel good about yourself. NO

Answer #36

I personally like watching my man masturbate. On one condition, I would prefer he masturbate when he’s watching me, and that its because of me he is doing this. I find it very flattering :)

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