Why don't men like bones as women do?


This is starting to confuse me.

I like bones, and really skinny girls, right? And I know that so do many other women in the world. Some find it so.. sexy? to have their hips and ribs sticking out, me for instance. But how come men don’t like that? How come they think that’s ugly, and not what women think of itt as. If women love all of this, and some are hurting themselves SO much, (Sorry to drag this into it, but I’m not, and I know a lot of others arent. But we aren’t doing this for men. We’re doing it for ourselves) to be considered perfection, pretty, glamorous and how come that men don’t think that it is as glamorous as we do?

I mean, some of us look at people with their rib bones sticking out and say. “Wow. That is so hot, I want to look like that” and then men, and some other women look at it and say “Gross”

How come, why don’t we all think the same?..

Sorry if this makes absoloute NO sense to you. I know what im asking but I dont know how to put it into words.. :P Sorry.

Answer #1

Hey, This may seem weird but heres what I’ve got to say… Men they find women with curves a nice butt and boobs hot because its a sexual thing no guy wants to hug a skeleton and they don’t see real skinny women as a good partener to have their children with! Its a fertility thing. As for women thinking thats hot well they dream of fitting in sizes like 00 or 0 because of celeberaties and the clothes they won’t to fit are that size. Yes it is very confusing and I don’t think these women understand how much pressure their putting on them selves and for what just to fit in hollywoods favourite dress size? Some women or teenage girls get to wrapped up in this whole I want to be skinny thing and they don’t know when to stop. Usually their mental state isn’t very good and their may be some underlying issues they have in their lives to think that being incredibly skinny is hot! You don’t see animals starving themselves to be skinny its not natural!!

Answer #2

some women have smaller skeletons than others and are naturally thin. I like the gymnastic athletic look with a well toned tight body. But then i also like the chubby type. But at the end of the day the most amazing thing is to be with someone that loves and respects me regardless of their body type. So i would put love before looks any day!

Answer #3


So not ALL women are into this, but look around the internet these days, hidden deeper is all of the women who do.

..And besides. Don’t go bite MY head off. Im just wondering anyways. I tend to over-exadurrate sometimes, and If I had put this into a different perspective it would’ve come out better.

Sorry. xD

Answer #4

ok first of all some women dont try to be SUPER skinny at all, I am a naturaly skinny and I hate it, I am super super super skinny, 1 month I could 100 pounds and the net I could be 70, thats how bad it is, I feel crummy when I loose that much weight, and I think it can be cute to a point but I dont like to see to much bone

Answer #5

I would ask - why do you think this is ‘perfection’ ? - it’s simply terribly skinny to the point your bones show ! - definately gross ! - normal weight, good character/values, and living in reality is what is attractive to me.

Answer #6

if someone told you your to fat, get over it and realize most people rather a little weight, so go eat some good food for christmas. lol.

Answer #7

I want to see a HEALTHY women…not a bag of bones. A skinny women isn’t what it’s all about…HEALTHY body, HEALTHY mind…Yummm

Answer #8

I think the whole “skinny” look has been pushed on us by the fashion industry. Two reasons for THIN…

  1. They sketch out their fancy designs of flowing fabrics… exaggerated by looking 7 ft tall and 140… and to look like they do on paper, they have to be hung on racks, not typical women, who have curves. So models are basically thin sticks with heads on top. We get bombarded with these images through media.

  2. Fashion designers are mostly gay. That is a fact. Now – what types of bodies do gays like? Men’s bodies. Slender, no breasts, shapeless.

It’s a world gone nuts.

Answer #9

to look like paris hilton n nicole richie mary kate n ashley n other woman with there bodys like that is gross. come on they got no brest no butt n its nasty. most men like for woman to have that athletic body with sum meat on there ones with brest n a butt shure u might think u look great but really u look like crap. men want woman who wont fly away or breake them. when i see girls like that its gross u gotta have sum meat. it dosnt feel out the dream body or ur close. no 1 wants to see ur bones there probaly scared they might break ur bones. well all im sayin is guys like girls witha lil bit of meat but not to much. sorry if i offened any1

Answer #10

From a primal perspective…

Boneyassb*tches (to a male) would be considered unsuitable for mating. They lack the characteristics that would be ideal for baby-making (fatty tissue to insulate and protect the mother & child, developed breasts to nourish the child – all these attributes can be grouped together in what we like to call ‘feminine curves’). Plus, the aformentioned ‘bonebags’ look as thought they’re slowly dying from tapeworm, Amoebic dysentery, the bloody flux, or the Black Death, which is also a turn off.

and yea Nicole Richie is my idol…she is gorgeous.

Its funny cuz its sad…

Answer #11

wow some of these are really rude and dude you go ahead and like skinny girls and we dont have mating problems. Hey im skinny and omg dont under estimate me! I mean im a virgin yet only by choice though but I know my time im going to snap! No not in half I mean go crazy!!! I mean I will tie you down strip you down until you cry!!! Im crazy!!! yah so is there something wrong with me? And for which ever guy said guys dont like mating with skinny people I hate you!!! We have noo problems in bed and second thats your choice if you want flabby meat flying eerywhere but whatever…

Answer #12

umm i actuallt would say ribs sticking out is gross! i mean theres nothing to u…i got muscle and i love it i weigh around 115 and i love it to! but i dont no y a lot of girls want to be skinny- i dont like it though!

Answer #13

Well it just doesnt look healthy… I’m not a guy, but I totally agree with them. They dont want to date a skeleton… A little but of fat is good to them! And most of us, when we see ribs and bones sticking out think… “She must be anorexic” or “Mary-Kate and Ashley treatment!” xD It’s just not pretty… FOOD IS GOOD. EAT IT.

Answer #14

Hip bones are cute but ribs showing just looks really unhealthy. I dont mind skinny girls as long as they are healthy and I cant see her ribs.

Answer #15

Maybe women in general are more attracted to angular bodies?

And pinkpantiemints is sexist.

Answer #16

because men are realistic. most women have a VERY poor perception of what is beautiful.

Answer #17

nicole richie was hott n sexy when she had sum wieght on her

Answer #18

Because finding bones desirable is a mental illness.

Answer #19

well a majority of the people here are like “ew gross…” so that must mean something… ;]

Answer #20

If women love all of this

They don’t, YOU do. Don’t generalize…

Answer #21

Bones sticking out is not hot. It’s gross.

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