Where can I find people who need their photos edited?

Answer #1

Just ask us here who wud like it done :-)

Answer #2

What you can do is set up a FaceBook page or blog with your edited photos to show people how good you are. Let the page be for people who want their pictures edited. That way they can post them on to the page and you can edit them.

Answer #3

Also consider Craigslist.

Answer #4

People on here would like it done :)

Answer #5

Do mee please :)

Answer #6

Hi John, please go to [link removed] and upload your photos there. Thanks!

Answer #7

I have tried craigslist but it is too difficult. I tried it but got no response :(

Answer #8

Oh I would love one of my photos edited >.<

Answer #9

Hi Michelle, Please go to nuninu.com and upload your photos there. Thanks :)

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