need help finding job I'm 13

allright I’m almost 14 and I’m really low on cash I need something I could do to get son money post some ideas wbsites permits if needed thx!

Answer #1

I think you are studying. Do good. you need money at the same time you in school. ok I suggest you can do some online job. it will help you for your study. this site have some online job details..really you interested ..

Answer #2

lol. I was joking about dealing drugs. obviously my answers are just way to cool, that people like you have to steal em. bahahahaha

Answer #3

lawn mowing, washing cars in your neighbourhood, window washing, asking elderly neighbours if they would like any shopping done to give you list & you would do it for them next time you go with your mum shopping. looking at my answers they are very similar to answer above !!

all except the dealing drugs lol!!

Answer #4

Garage sale, working at a market, dealing jokes ummm… washing windows mowing peoples lowns doing gardening for old people. cleaning peoples houses. I don’t no theres lots of stuff you just got to really apply your self and people will wont you to work for them.

Answer #5

no offense, but I seriously doubt that people will hire a 13/14 year old. maybe for baby sitting, but thts about it. you need to be at least 16, and have experience. lol.

Answer #6

I just found a site that hires babysitters all over the united states and canada if you are at least 18. go to and fill out an application. it gives you a personal webpage with your information and lets people know your experience and your qualifications. I recommend it because it suggests get-togethers with the parents, and tells other what you can and cannot do. and, it only allows people who will babysit in the area of the client. try it out!

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