I need to find my work history for free

I have been laid off and need to post my resure online. My original information has been lost. I need to do research BUT all the sites that I have found have a fee. Does anyone out there know of a sight where I cen retreve this information for free?

Answer #1

I need to find my work history for free”

Answer #2

u can rent books at the library on how to put together resumes they are very helpful most websites have a fee or just go to your nearest career resourse center and u can use the computers for free and they help you with makin one thats a proffetional thats what I did

Answer #3

Yes…I am trying to put my resume together. I was just lasd off after 3 years of work. Prior to that I was a at home mother for about 15 years but I had worked prior to the kids. I don’t have any of the dates that I worked back then and I am trying to put the pieces together.

Answer #4

research on what? do you mean you have to make a resume?

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