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Is it possible for a fifteen-year-old to legally be able to decide where she lives in this situation? (read more?)

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So, my Mom is abusive, and I want the h*ll out of there. I called CPS once, but they didn't do anything, so I'm going to go to a friends house and call (her Mom is high up and can get me out of the house immediately) because it happened again last weekend, but she took my phone away before I could call 911. My Dad doesn't do anything about it, except intervene afterwards by telling me that I need to respect her. I just contacted my biological Aunt and told her, and my biological Dad is in jail, but my Mom isn't and doing better than she was when I was really little. (they were BOTH NOT abusive.) I don't want it to end up like how it did when I was eight, and I had to go to a court room and everyone decided where I would live for me, especially when that decision didn't turn out too well. Plus, I'm certain that I'm not going to associate with the family I have now when I'm 18.... Please help me.