How do I keep my feet warm without making them sweat?

I think it’s called something like Raymonds’ Syndrome where your hands and feet are cold all the time. I think that is my problem, but when I wear fuzzy socks to warm my feet up, they stay cold and just sweat so they feel clammy…help?

Answer #1

Raynaud’s syndrome. Just use a light pair of socks. Nothing to thick should help. It should be enough to keep your feet slightly warmer without sweating. However, there isn’t much else you could do to stop the cold, short of medication.

Answer #2

thank you.

Answer #3

hmm, i havnt heard that before… I mean I get really cold feet in the winter time, so my mom once got me a pair of socks that had special invisible magnets in them…all i know is they kept my feet warm not clammy…might want to ask your physician about some ways to help your situation.

I sure wish i could find another pair of those mine got lost when I moved…if i find out where I will let you know.

I hope that helped.

Answer #4

that sounds cozy lol please let me know if you find them?

Answer #5

just found this online…might help… here is another site i just found…

hope those have helped a bit.

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