What can I do to feel better?

Alright so I went out last night even though I wasn’t feeling to good I didn’t drink too awful much but I had a few beers (about 6-7 over a 5 hour period or so) and felt pretty good so stayed out a little too late. Anyways woke up this morning and felt a little rough but not bad, I ate lunch which was a ham and cheese sandwich a bag of cheetos and some whole wheat cheddar crackers (I figured I needed the sodium) and drank a 32 oz gatorade, and felt pretty good for about 30 minutes or so and then my stomach problems from yesterday kind of wandered back in and I made a couple major trips to the bathroom. Now my stomach isn’t really bothering me anymore and I’ve been sipping on water but I still feel a little off, I got a little dizzy nothing serious. I figured it was in account to low blood sugar so I went and ate a nutty butty bar which has like 28 grams of sugar and also 330 mg of sodium which I figured would get my blood glucose levels up and help even out any sodium I had lost and would help keep me hydrated longer. I still feel a little rough so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on recovering my body further, it would be much appreciated.

Answer #1

You need a vitamin boost…get yourself some V8 - it’s phenomenal for getting you back on your feet after a night out.

Answer #2

I should of totally thought of that, my stomach still hurts a little so I’m not in the mood to eat anything but a good cold V8 would be awesome. To the store I go! Thanks :)

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Answer #4

Um no energy drinks… That sounds awful right now.

Answer #5

splash cold water on your face and breath in and out.

Answer #6

first stop drinking alcohol, stop putting low grade foods in your body. only eat complex carbs as opposed to simple carbs.

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