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how do I gain a stone (14pounds) in weight FAST

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why do you want to gain weight?
how much do you weight?

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Fast Foods, sit around more ( like don't even move off of your chair ) , don't exercise, eat lots of snack foods... although I don't get why you're trying to gain weight. I'm WAY underweight and I don't want weight. Also, massive eating and sudden change in habits can develop another pattern to your natural abilities, so make sure you don't "suddenly" eat a lot so fast, because you might get used to it when you want to stop gaining weight.

Oh, better idea, you can train muscle if you want more weight, but not fat.
Muscle weighs too. Exercise or do push-ups/sit-ups, run, etc.
You may lose weight, but you make up with muscle weight and strength. :P

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eat 3x as much as uesally do or eat Mcdonals for a week straight that should help.

What foods make you gain weight fast and aren't disgusting?
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We take eighteen ounces of sizzling ground beef, and soak it in rich, creamery butter, then we top it off with bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

We call it the Good Morning Burger!

How to loose weight FAST.

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