Who would take a family member to court to sue them for money or anything else?

Answer #1

Never. I have a general rule - don’t part with something you can’t live without….the way I see it, I may never get it back, so…better to part with it fully than have dashed expectations.

Answer #2

I probably wouldn’t unless they actually stole huge amounts of money from me.

Answer #3

I never loan money to family, this will only cause problems. If I have a family member that ask me for money, I will give “not loan” them as much as I can afford with no expectations of ever seeing that money again. I never loan friends money, this we end a friendship quick, I know this from experience.

Answer #4

my uncle (my moms brother) made my grandma (my moms mom) sue my mom for trying to take her money even though that if she wins in court my uncle will have the money ……………………………..its a mess some families are dumbbbbb

Answer #5

I’ll be taking my father to court for over 25,000$ in child support he owes my mother and myself. He was a drug abuser all my life, and has never paid a penny to my mother for child support. He was to pay 500$ a month til I was 18 and we have seen no money at all. Now my husband and I are wanting to by a house and start a family, so I am taking him to court for the money he owes.

Answer #6

I learned this the hard way. I was in a car accident and only got a sprained knee so they only gave me $1000 for it. My sister was wanting to start her divorce so I gave her 200 to do it, then her car broke down and I gave her 400 more. That was back in Oct. and I have only seen 50 0f it since. So I knew she needed it, and we are so close and i told her she could pay me back at her own pace.

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