What causes eye color ?

I don’t mean genetics. I mean like..oh well, i don’t know. o.o Like why the color is what it is, or how or iddkk

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Theres pigment in your eyes … ?

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Could be environmental implications. Or natural selection (e.g.: eye color is one of the primary basis for attraction) so having something unusual like blue or green eyes was probably seen as attractive etc. But one things for sure is that the origin is well beyond me, I can only deduce from what I know!

As of how your eye color is chosen, that’s relevant to genetics and ancestry :)

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well, melanin , the more you have the darker your eye colour will be. usually fair haired people have little melanin

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Ohh well that makes a little more sense i guess.. Thank youu. :D

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Oh, that kinda makes sense.. Thankss. :D

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lol sorry, i tried my bestest to explain in words that someone could understand :P and no problemo :)

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That’s as far as origins of eye color, from what I can get from my classes. As for eyes actually being colorful, well sunlight is what gives eyes color. And of course, as @fade_toblack mentioned, pigments! :)

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Pigmentation… also as you get older the colour in your eyes lighten

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When i’m 90 years old i hope my eyes are white. xDDDD

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The presence or absence of melanin. People with brown eyes have genes that are capable of producing melanin, whereas blue eyed people basically have defective genes, that do not lead to the production of this protein. Which is why if you have just one brown eyed gene you will still have brown eyes, because atleast one of the genes in functional. If you have blue eyes, neither of the genes are functional. And then when you get green eyes things get a bit more complicated due to all the other gene interactions. But thats the basics of it!

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