How often do you curse?

So I was wondering. How often do you beautiful people out there cuss? I mean honestly. Is it more of a once in awhile thing, or a piss me off and youll see type thing, or…an every other word type thing? Uhgg I think once in awhile I will. But I dont go all out. Like some people. (glances at motherhen)

My “legal guardian” drives me crazy some times. Maybe she thinks its attractive…I dunno. I really would love it if she didnt have a potty mouth though…


but then on the bright side…no ones perfect. : )

Answer #1

I don’t cuss at all. Well maybe one word a year or something. I try to be a good example to the kids I teach as well as my daughter. Most of my friends will cuss, and will immediately say, “oh I’m sorry Kimmie”. LOL. Like I’m a child or something. I think intelligent people can come up with different words to say rather than cuss words.

Answer #2

well, you asked about the ‘beautiful people’ and I think I am, so I will answer :) I think it’s okay, depeding on the situation. and how often the occurence well, occurs. I use hella a lot. that’s about it. and a–, but only when I’m playing…

Answer #3

I don’t see anything wrong with curse words. We’re adults and they are adult words to display our emotions.

I do my fair share of cussing but you have to know when it’s appropriate and when it isn’t.

xox Sika

Answer #4

I am married to a Marine, so I do my fair share of cussing, but only like 1/4 of what my husband does, lol! He’s sorta a bad influence on me I guess, but I really only do it when I am upset and usually only around him.

Answer #5

I think everyone cusses I only use profound lanuage when apporriate or usually when I’m really upset or mad. I don’t think beautiful people cuss more or less then regualr people

Answer #6

I swear, but I’m a good person, they’re just a bunch of letters put together. Lol. :) And there are better words to use in their place, but I still do it.

Answer #7

It’s been a long time. . . . I learned over time foul language was useless and has no place in proper speach. So at least 4 years. . .

Answer #8

I cuss.

Answer #9

I generally don’t use cuss words. I have large enough a vocabulary that I can find other ways to express myself.

However, since my family and friends all know that I generally don’t cuss when I do they know that I’m really upset, angry, and/or frustrated.

The less you use cuss words the greater effect they have. If you put an exclimation point on every sentence eventually they don’t mean anything. I look at cuss words like exclimation points.

Answer #10

I don’t know, only when people sneak up on me or something like that.

Answer #11

I swear quite often. depends who I’m with and in what surrondings I’m in. I’m not really bad.

Answer #12

I try not to…but I am Australian…it’s bloody hard sometimes

Answer #13

I rarely do, just when someone reallly upsets me.

Answer #14

I’ll admit it im a potty mouth :( but im a great kid:)

Answer #15

I really only do it when im mad or really upset about something.

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