Do you often get mistaken for another ethnicity, or race?

A lot of people think I am Hispanic, but I am in fact White…with no Hispanic in me.

Answer #1

Well one of my family members think I sorta look indian which I’m not that I know of. And one time at the mall, this lady asked if I had any asian in me which I don’t. I also supposedly looked really asian when I was a baby and people would ask my mom if my dad was chinese or japanese lol

Answer #2

lol… :P

Answer #3

i always do, i am italian canadian and alot of the time people think im mixed with somesort of black, or arab

Answer #4

very often some people though i was hispanic some pple think im muslim i dont have a trace of muslim in me but i have some hisanic some pple think im just indian but they never guess the most obvious… black lol i have other races in me tho

Answer #5

lol do you have any irish in you?

Answer #6

Are you asking me if I have any Irish in me?

Answer #7

haha it was a joke… the answer is do you want some..

Answer #8

yes i get mistaken by a native american. my great great pa was native american but i dont get it. i dont even look like one

Answer #9

My own family calls me white girl even though I’m Irish/Mexican/Indian… I’m just the whitest one out of all of them. Lol. So people mistake me for being white… especially when I wear make up for some reason

Answer #10

Ohh…Oo lol. No thanks, I already have Irish in me! :D (my bf is part Irish! ^^)…

Answer #11


Answer #12

alot of people say i look mixed with hispanic or indian and some people have said i look mixed with

Answer #13

yea i got told i was portguesse, mexican and spanish and some dumass thot i was white

Answer #14

Lmao! What are you really? To me, you look Indian…am I correct? lol

Answer #15


Answer #16

You look white to me! :D

Answer #17


Answer #18

Cool! I knew an Indian guy from school, his name was Avenda. :D (not sure if I spelled his name right, or not)

Answer #19

cool! im likee the onlyy indian guy in my school filled Caucasian.. Avenda never herad of that name sryy..

Answer #20

Always get mistaken for what I’m not and I get confused for everything down South. The strangest I’ve gotten is Puerto Rican, if you ask me, lol.

Answer #21

i think ur mexican

Answer #22

Lol…well, I guess it’s not a common name. He is the only guy I know with that name. :P I think he was the only Indian guy at our school…haha.

Answer #23

You look Mexican….?

Answer #24

lol, I’m Colombian

Answer #25

ohhhh!!! omgg i know this Colombian girl!! she was pretty hot hehe lol;p

Answer #26

Yeah that’s how all Colombian girls are lol… Go down there and get yourself a girl :P

Answer #27

lolzzz or serbia:P

Answer #28

well in really tan..that camera was crappy..and made you look really yeah..people often tell me i look white but mixed with the most common..hispanic..or i have dark hair, dark skin, dark sorta slanted eyes..i dont

Answer #29

IM filipino so im brown but with the last name of alonso im apparently a cholo. :P

Answer #30

Yes. People generally dont know what I am for some unknown reason. I think I look Indian.

Answer #31

People think im russian or irish

Answer #32

It happens everyday. People think I’m Mexican cause I’m light skinned, when I’m really part Black and White, I consider myself mostly white cause of my personality.

Answer #33

They mistaken me for flip. But I’m really white inside. Jk jk. Ppl think I’m Jamaican because of my name?? But I’m really flip.

Answer #34

Im brown (mix of 4 things) and no one in my own country believe im one of them!! plus ive been mistaken for so many things…kind of gets irritating now!

Answer #35

Nope, I have blond hair and blue eyes. Kinda hard for anyone to mistake me for anything else.

Answer #36

haha Nah people always got me straight Pure Mexican- :) But idk maybe its cuz i live in texas and well mexicans do u say.. are known to live in the states that border Mexico :l

Answer #37

i cant really be mistaken for much…i am a bunch of different things xD and no one ever asks me what i am. I am: 1/4 Swedish, 1/8 Norwegian, 1/8 Irish, 1/8 English, 1/8 German, 1/8 Indian (1/16 Cherokee and 1/16 Sioux), 1/16 French, and 1/16 Czech…..haha Imma lotta stuff:D

Answer #38

lool its ok some people can say it just like that you know a thought that crossed their mind ^_^ am an arabic girl and i was told by a phillipino guy that i look like his ex :D and many think thinks that am phillipino because of my nose lool i guess but i think its ok people guessing what i am loool no biggie :D

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