Would you eat at a restaurant that actually advertises how unhealthy their food is?

A man suffered a heart attack while eating at the restaurant “Heart Attack Grill”. With a business name like that, would you be more inclined to avoid the place, or would you still want to check out the fare?

Read about it: http://funadvice.com/r/bprksmfc5on

Answer #1

If I’m really hungry and I’m craving hamburgers and fries, why not? :D

As with most things, moderation is key.

Answer #2

I guess, if I’m starving, yes I would… But if I’m not nahh :)

Answer #3

This really brought the term “Only in America” to my mind..

Answer #4

I guess it depends how unhealthy it is. Fast food is unhealthy no matter where you go. Eating a burger on a rare occasion won’t kill me, but I do like to watch what I eat anyways. If they display their nutrition facts, I might consider. With a name like that, though, I doubt I’ll go without knowing just how bad it is.

Answer #5

Not the best example for me since they are unlikely to have anything vegetarian on the menu. I do eat things I know are terrible for me once in a while though. I figure if I eat healthy most of the time I can splurge on something unhealthy once in a while.

Answer #6

if am rezlly hungry i dont care i eat anything lol

Answer #7

if am rezlly hungry i dont care i eat anything lol

Answer #8

I have to admire the honesty and the marketing skills (people would know it’s gonna taste good) I would have to eat there at least once. (a month)

Answer #9

If I liked the food, I would eat it anyway.

Answer #10

If I was hungry…and happemed to be there, I’d go for it XD

Answer #11

I have to agree with Onemandog, any honest marketing would peak my interest to visit at least once….LOL

Answer #12

no, because eating the food would make me paraniod

Answer #13

yeah I agree with this person, good thing about being vegiterian is you can aviod greasy meat and burgers/bacon e.c.t some meat is very high in fat

Answer #14

Nothing wrong with a little McDonalds every now and then:)

Answer #15

yes because they are not portraying the false facts and giving a true image of their resturant

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