Where would you rather eat, an authentic Mexican restaurant, or Taco Bell?

I like both. I like Taco Bell just for when we are driving around or something and we get a bit Hungary. It’s fast food, and it’s pretty darn good. lol. However, I would defiantly enjoy an authentic Mexican restaurant better, real recipes that have been passed down, served to many Mexican families in their own house. Mmm! Plus, I am sure there are things there I have never heard of or tried, and I would love to try them. I love nacho’s! =]

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neither, sorry i would rather have some mid eastern food…much healthier & tastes better.(in my opinion!) :)

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What’s your favorite dish?

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That’s cool, what do you like? =]

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there are so many yummy things…but i really do adore this cut up meat {called showarma or as some would call it a gyro!) so full of flavor & spices…with assorted salads, fries & tahini sauce!

also all kinds of meats on a kabab stick, also done well with delicious spices and served with pita bread, salads, fries & humus(my fav) :P

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!!!!!!! I’m with you on that one…Humus is great! Especially with warm toasted pita bread! Okay, now I’m hungry. lol I love Shawarma!! I love falafel and baba ganoush too!

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aww, we don’t eat that stuff around here. That is fancy expensive stuff around here. We only see that stuff on the food network. lol. Normal food around here is hotdogs, hamburgers, fried chicken/baked, macaroni, mashed potatos/fried, ranch, ketchup, etc…lol I would love to try some of that stuff though, have no idea what it would taste like, but I would be interested in trying it. =]

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Oh man! You should google middle eastern food and see where the closest restaurant is. Its so worth it! Ethiopian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Caribbean foods are great too! Do you live in a small town? You might be able to find hummus at the grocery store chains like Harris Teeter.

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Mexican Restaurant! You get chips and salsa.. that’s my favorite out of the whole thing lol :)

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to describe mid eastern food is to say mmgood! :P ok ok ok i just had to find these to show you so yeah you can get some mouth watering ides’s…this is how the meat looks like…then they slice it… oh man…http://funadvice.com/r/bkii5a6gm Then they stand with a huge pita bread or a small one depends on what you want or can eat! and as you can see in this picture fresh cut vegi’s…http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpll61ap some people just rather have it in a platter with some rice…like in this picture…http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpll61e6 I like it in a small one, because i cant ever go past 1/2 of that lol :P http://funadvice.com/r/bkii5a6m0 Now, There are falafel balls & tahini sauce. Falafel is make with ground chickpeas/some herbs & spices all crushed then fried in very hot oil…(ok i said some mideastern foods were healthier, I didnt mean this particular dish! :P) can actually be made at home on your very own stove top…really easy to make my dad does it…:) and the tahini sacuse is made with seseme paste & then mixed with lemon juice & 1 clove of garlic…some poeple ike to add other things to make it more tasty like some salt & some even add some fine parsley…mmm, i even make tahini sauce love it on a plain vegi salad rather then any other oily/creamy/vinaigrette dressing. Now this is humus…it’s made with cooked crushed chickpeas(aka garbanzo beans)and well everyone does it their way…some people like to add some whole chickpeas to it…some like to add just a little bit of garlic to it…some like it as just a smooth creamy texture & some like a splash of olive oil, sprinkle some sweet red paprika & sprinkle some parsley over it for decoration! No matter how you prefer it…its just really healthy for you & is very tasty especially on some hot crispy pita bread! here is a pic i found a well! http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpll6308 Now these are the cut up meat/chicken or what ever you like on a kabob stick! (it’s really just grilled chicken/beef or turkey, but the spices on it…mmm finger licking good! here is a pic I found on here too :P http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpll634l here is another with all kinds of salads as well! http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpll638n hope you enjoyed some of the pictures & some new culture as well! You can find stuff like this Indonesian restaurants, Greek restaurants, Turkish restaurants as well…

Hope all the pics worked & you got to experience some good cuisine other then taco bell & Mexican food..(no offense people i love nacho’s & cheese but still rather mid eastern food!

There is more to food then just wieners, burgers & greasy food!

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oh well the falafel balls didnt come through…lets try again…http://funadvice.com/r/3kdpme9sdo hope it works this time…:P

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lol taco bell. im just not into the whole authentic.

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Wow! All of that stuff looks really good! That thing that looked like a pita pocket, looked delicious! I would really love to try that! =] The meat on the kabobs looked really good too! I live in a really small town, so the restaurants around here are all fast food. There are a few Italian, Mexican, and Japanese/Chinese restaurants here, but nothing big and fancy.

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Oh yea, like Pancho Villa? They serve you chips, salsa, and cheese dip before you even order! haha. It is soo good!!! =D

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awee, that sux big time…:( I am sorry sweetie. hugs though♥

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Lol, yea thanks haha. =P

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