How unhealthy is Taco Bell?

After eating taco bell for lunch, I have a morbid idea of wondering exactly what I just did to myself. Is it really unhealth to eat taco bell or only slightly?

Answer #1

everything is good in moderation as they say…lol :D

Answer #2

this guy i work with found a bloody band-aid in his taco. went back to location and told manager, he pull one of the worker to the side and ask her what happen to the other band-aid he gave her today because she had cut her fingers and she said, i don’t remember what happen to it. $$$ that is how unhealthy taco bell is

Answer #3

Mm taco bell is the best. And probably healthier than McDonalds or Dairy Queen

Answer #4

my health teacher told my class that dog food is better meat than taco bell


Answer #5

Fast food is terrible…non of thtas good….just find like small restuarants that have good service….and fast service…but good food. i have a italian place i can get a ceasar salad (one of the best) in 5 min.

Answer #6

It’s only unhealthy to make a habit of fast food…Taco Bell, although it’s not the best for you, it’s not the worst either… They have those calorie packets at the establishments, to tell you how many calories are actually in one of those tacos….

Hope I helped

Answer #7

no, fast food is not good for you, but if you eat it in moderation, it will not do you much harm. just pick the right things if you must eat it more.

Answer #8

I’ve had a friend tell me who once worked at a Taco Bell, that the meat they use there is a.. GRADE D MEAT!! so.. i dont know if healthy is even a good word to use or if you should more like say..edible?

Answer #9

It also depends on what you ordered. Every restaurant has better and worse choices. You can find nutritional information at their website

Answer #10

I freaking love taco bell…but unfortunatly after I eat it, I have a bad case of stomach problems the next day lol…if you know what I mean, so really it can’t be too good for you!

Answer #11

It’s not even the food necessarily. Working conditions can be absolutely disgusting. Food poisoning is a commonplace unfortunately. But, no fast food is healthy for you. I don’t eat it, on the RARE occasion I’ll stop by Burger King and get some fries, cause theirs are actually pretty good. If you live in CA, In-N-Out is the healthiest fast food chain. All their meat is Grade A and they cut up and fry their potatoes right in front of you!! Nothing there is frozen. You can taste the difference. If you want cheap Mexican, go to Acapulco haha.

Answer #12

No fast food is entirely healthy. But tacos are actually amongst the healthiest fast foods you can get.

The amount of beef in ONE taco is equal to about two bites of a quarter-pounder hamburger.

Additionally, the majority of a taco’s contents are made up of lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese - all healthy, and give you the sensation of feeling full.

All in all a couple of taco’s are the best choice if you are in a hurry for a quick meal whereas a burger and some fries are a nightmare in terms of fat and calories.

Answer #13

Lot of hydrogenated oils / trans-fats and preservatives. So ya most of it is quite bad for you. Though the trans-fats tend to be in the sides not the main dishes. So it’d help to at least avoid the sides. Even the salsa is unhealthy, I mean wth? A lot of these ingredients are typical in cheap processed foods you’d find at the grocery store, so a microwave dinner might be just as bad. A little of anything never hurts though.

Answer #14

but taco bell is so good! im so hungry!

Answer #15

yes, taco bell is terrible. The frying, the health conditions, its terrible, i used to love it until that ekoly (spelling) scare. putting that stuff in your system is awful. My friend got food poisoning 2’s from it and never ate it again. over 16 i believe taco bell/KFC closed in new york due to rats, roaches , and just plain out gross stuff xD. My suggestion, stay away from taco bell! =P

Good luck - Luis -

Answer #16

taco bell is entirely unhealthy the procedure they use for cooking, the amount of spices added, is really bad, it causes me lose motions, everytime I have black beans with tortilla and or anyother stuff from taco bell it can lead to food poisoning if consumed on a regular basis so keep away from taco bell, cheap food, but it isnt safe food cook at home, much cheaper and healthier

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