Is it fairly easy to gain employment?

Answer #1

It depends on what type of job your applying for, how many other applicants there are, how well you do in an interview, and how good your refrences are. The job market isnt great right now so its important to make yourself stand out and appear mature and repsonsible.

Answer #2

Depends where, when, and what. Depends on the kinds of jobs you are looking for, what kinds of education it requires if any and your experience. Some jobs have high requirements, whilst others require close to nothing. When the economy is bad, it will be hard to get a job even part-time jobs as many will be struggling for jobs. And of course, your luck. Some are lucky to be looking while there are jobs available, while others just have bad timing.

Answer #3

If all you care about is finding something to pull in some cash, regardless of what it is, what hours you are working, and what you are doing - I feel you should be able to find a job, at least part time. May not be something you want/like to do, or the field you are trained in or as much money as you want/need to make, but its still some money coming it.

Answer #4

I like your answer it was encouraging you deserve double the points for being compassionate with answering this question

Answer #5

I’m considering relocating to Florida and am a determined individual to find employment not one that look for the easy way out

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