Is it easy to do your own taxes?

Is it easy to do your own taxes? Like using turbo tax, etc.

Answer #1

Depends on the complexity of your taxes but for most people software is a big help and cuts down substantially on mistakes and arithmetic errors. Most years I use software though one year that I had particularly complex taxes due to my spouse’s capital gains and inheritance I needed an accountant to help. When I entered my data into Turbo Tax it told me to hire an accountant ;)

Answer #2

yes, just take your time

Answer #3

Yes. VERY easy and I highly reccomend it to everyone. It saves time and $$! You can do it on your own time and it won’t let you miss any deductions you deserve (Deluxe package).

It’s very easy if a dummy like me can do it…LOL!

Have fun and I hope you get something back from the IRS.

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