What is dyslexia?

anybody please tell me, someguy says i have itand i donteven no him

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Dyslexia is a disorder that prevents a person from being able to spell/read/understand words or letters.
I think this "someguy" was basing it on your poor spelling abilities, which is not, in its own, dyslexia.

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i asked a question on how to tll a guy i like him and this is what he funmailed me

So, I didn't want to say anything that might be offensive in public, so I funmailed you..


About the "writing a letter to him" thing...
I noticed that you're a bit dyslexic [if I noticed correctly].

do you think I have it?

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No ... I think you're just a bad speller (no offence).

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it is just that my space bar doesn't work properly, i am the best speller in the class

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Maybe you are, but your punctuation is terrible.

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In short, Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects the way one comprehends/spells/reads & writes. According to statistics, 10% of people have some form of dyslexia yet are highly intelligent. Usually sources at school find it hard to compare lazy students with dyslexic students. Hell I should know, I am one of them.


I couldnt understand a damn word I read til I was in third grade & got home tutoring for a year to learn how to sound out long words & spell not to mention I was incapable of writing even the smallest essay. Hell it's still something I battle on a day to day basis. It can not be cured but you can learn to control it. Reading is essential...the more you read the more words your brain absorbs. Doing even a stupid word search can improve your source of words...I would find myself thinking: "wow, i never knew I knew that word before" :P
Anything from the boring news papers to the fumiest children's books...to romance novels...to new age books...the more the merrier. Reading will expand your vocabulary as well as writing...anything & everything.
Try this for an exercise:
take any subject....any word....love, hate, passion, lust, war, enemies, flowers, cakes, dreams, homes, computers, coffee, bedroom, television, politics & medicine.
Now write a story using those words in any random fashion...add words & punctuation as necessary...
The more words you use in your story the more you will learn how to spell better & use punctuation better.(not that I am any good at punctuation) :P write one or 10 stories...what ever you like...just keep writing to expand your thoughts & your creativity.
Writing my poetry was & is what keeps me on my toes!

My best advice to people that think they may have dyslexia...get yourself to a neurologist. Have them run some tests...it can help like offer you more time on tests, perhaps do them out loud rather then writing in class...less work to do...Dont make the mistake my parents did by trying to cover it up saying your just lazy! Get the real help you need!

Good Luck.

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Where you get your numbers confused with your letters. It's all seems like one giant mess.

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Nobody here can remotely diagnose dyslexia. Only a trained professional can determine if you have this or other learning disabilities. Dyslexia is actually a family of disorders that all involve difficulty reading, comprehending, or remembering written words. Different subtypes of dyslexia are treated differently.
It is terrible when people use learning disabilities or developmental delays as insults because it insults every person who through no fault of their own have that condition.

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While most dyslexics are rotten spellers this isn't always the case. My daughter is dyslexic and spells better than I do (which sadly isn't saying much).

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honestly i love the name. i actually thought people with dyslexia see what the imagine to be what the see and not really what people see and identify as that thing?

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