hey im 15 and I have dyslexia and im taking honors classes but I get really nevours when I have to read aloud. how do I stop gettin nervous?

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Who cares what people think I always mess up when I'm speaking to people, so I just keep on going like nothing happend. Just look at everyone as if they were all your friends.

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Practice in front of family and friends. Also if you can, speak to your lecturer or teacher and tell him about your issue and ask them if you can have the piece beforehand in order to prepare.

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Yeh that seems like one of the best ways of coping with reading out loud, Just try not to think about the other people in the room and just read whats there,

You could try reading aloud to your family etc perhaps? and that way over time get more comfortable with it and be able to read infront of people you may not know :))

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This takes getting use to. Just try to imagine being by yourself when doing the reading to the class. Eventually you can read to an audience and not get nervous at all.

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I have dyslexia to and when I have to read in front of my class I just don't look at the class just read over your words carefully and look at the wall in front of you and concentrate on the words. This helps me and when my dyslexia messes me up I just read the word over again casually and continue on.

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