DVD vs. Blu Ray

besides the fact that Blu Ray is more expensive, what’s the difference? I noticed this switch to be popular just like VHS to DVD. it just doesn’t seem clear to me. what’s the whole idea behind Blu Ray?

Answer #1

If you don’t know don’t post.

It has higher resolution and better sound quality.

Answer #2

blu ray has a resolution of 1080p which is higher then hd.

Answer #3

Blu-ray is awesome. As long as you have all that is necessary for the full display of a Hi-def picture. You need an HDTV preferably over 50” and hook it up with an HDMI cable. If you only have the blu-ray player but no hdtv you will not notice the huge difference. Also if you have a 7.1 speaker set you will get better than Dolby Digital sound. Also Blu-ray can store 25 Gig of info per single disc. DVD only 4.7 gigs.

Answer #4

The quality is much better; regular DVDs are not high definition, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are. The important thing to realize, is that it’s not a switch from DVD to Blu-Ray… it was a split between HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Remember back in the days when there was VHS and Betamax? Well, VHS became more popular, and so Betamax was forgotten and VHS the new standard. Then DVDs came out. Now, DVDs were going to be replaced by either Blu-Ray or HD DVD, but HD DVD had no popularity, and now Blu-Ray is going to be accepted as the standard.

Answer #5

dont know sorry

Answer #6

Blu-ray owns larger space and higher quality then DVD.

Answer #7

though blu-ray is more expensive but it has more functions than DVD. so i still think Blu-ray is great choice.

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