Should the driving age be raised to 18?

          So for english class were getting ready to start writing persuasive essays. So he wants us to pick a topic and that's what I came up with but he said we need to get peoples opinion about it. On both sides, the people that are for and people that are against the idea. Any ones opinion would help!
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i personally think it would be a good idea, not sure if i would want ot to change but i do agree that a lot of 16 year olds arnt really mature enough to start to drive. not many kids understand how big of a responsibility it is and how mny dangers there are with driving

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No I don’t believe it should be raised to 18, because many people under 18 have jobs, and need transportation… other than having to take the bus everyday.

Yes, people under 18 years old may not be that experienced with driving… and they do things such as text, talk, and eat while driving… but so do people who are over 18, and just because you are over 18 doesn’t mean you are experienced. First time drivers are first time drivers, whether they are 16 or 25.

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Why not? I believe the person asking the question is looking for opinions, not just a yes or no.

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I totally agree, very descriptive and right-to-the-point answer. :)

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Thank you. :-)

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No way.At sixteen a person is trying to get their lives together and get a job.well they should be.and they can drive to school and have a good social life as well.asking parents to drive you around is so annoying -.- and half the time they don’t even wanna.

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No, then when you go to college you have little experience driving and it’d be hard to have a job at 16 or 17.

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I personally think so. At 16, most are not mature to handle driving, they take that freedom and abuse it. Too many teens die from drunk accidents. I understand it can be an inconvenience not being able to drive, but it is doable. My school is two hours away, and I still take the bus every day to school, it’s not a problem at all, if I can, teens at 16 who usually just go to school within their region, should have no problem.

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A person who has never driven the car at 16 has just as much experience as a 40 year old who has never driven a car. Two year difference isn’t going to make that much of a change. Also you need to think of this from an economic stand point, even if 25 percent of able of age students drive/carpool to school that saves ALOT of money fueling the School buses.

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I am less concerned about increasing the driving age to 18, but would consider revoking the privilege to those older than 70 at ;least until they re-take the driving exam to show that they can still do it. Many older folks are disastrous drivers and cause for concern.

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In new york you can only get a license before 18 if you have taken a drivers education class, and you must be at least 17 for that. If you don’t take one, you cant drive until 18. I think that is fine. I think 16 is definitely way too young. I can’t imagine my 16 year old driving.

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Dont think 18 but i dont think 16. Why do people always thing even. I do too. lol. Why not 17. In my country its 17 and it really doesn’t matter what age it is. As soon as you get your license, you begin to learn to drive. most people are like that. What i think should be done is learners should be granted at 16 and license should be granted at 17. Writen tests for both should be compulsory with only the driving test done at 17.

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Its 17 in Ireland, personally I think its too young.
A car is the most dangerous weapon you can give anyone, so 16 or 17 just feels too young to me.

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..It shouldnt…I need 2 more years until I can drive….and I have been waiting a loooooooooooooong time to get my liscense!

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Ha well 18 is like an young adult so I gues that’s why it was chosen. Idk why 16 was though plus at 18 ur parents aren’t responsible for ur actions. But I kinda wish it was at least 17 here to drive. Cause there’s so many acidents even at my school.

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I agree I’m 17 n I don’t really wanna drive I have but never got my license I’m just not ready.

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