Drivers Permit and washer machine

I had my drivers permit in my pants and washed it on accident and now it’s destroyed. How do I get a new 1?

Answer #1

I see you’re in NJ. This is from their DMV site:

If you’ve lost your permit or license, or it has been stolen, you’ll need to report it right away to your local MVC Agency. If it was stolen, first notify your local law enforcement. They’ll make a report, so be sure get a copy to take with you to the MVC. The cost to replace the license or permit is $3.

If you are under 17, your parent or legal guardian will need to accompany you to the MVC Agency, and you’ll need to present the proper ID requirements.

Replacement permits are granted on a “case-by-case” basis.

Answer #2

You’ll probably have to show them proof that it is destroyed though.

Answer #3

I got a new permit thanks guys

Answer #4

holy crap.. that sucks!

Answer #5

thank yu so much!!

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