Can I get my drivers permit without going to drivers ED?

ok im 16 going to 17 on August , I wanted to know if I can just take the written test and the driving test without going to drivers ED?

Answer #1

every state is different, but from where I from, it doesn pay to take driver’s ed. they say it lowers insurance, which it really doesn. not enough to make a difference or to boost about. but from where im from, no you dont have to take the class. id call the driving place or even the police station and they can give you accurate info.

Answer #2

States are different on this - call your local DMV and they’ll advise for your state - drivers ed definitely has it’s advantages:

  1. Lower insurance rates.
  2. You get your full license immediately, as opposed to your 18th birthday.
  3. You get a preview of the actual driver’s test so taking the actual thing isn’t so stressful.
  4. You get to learn the rules of the road from a certified teacher so you can drive safer !
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