Drinking and society

Why is it that the american lifstyle revolves around drinking so much. I get tanked all the time, everyone I know drinks. if I run into someone who doesn’t drink, thats not normal. I’ve been drunk almost evey weekend since 13. so my question, why do you think drinking is such a big part of our youth culture.

Answer #1

It’s pervasive… drinking is acceptable at every level of society. Even the cops who pull you over are pouring themselves a shot the minute they get home from work. I know so many people who grew up with at least one alcoholic parent…

Answer #2

I think it’s because teens think when they are at a party they have to drink to have fun. I’m 15 I’ll drink on special occastions but I don’t drink a lot like a lot of my friends do.

Answer #3

heyy.. as you can probably tell from my personal question I drink too. To answer your question I think western culture, America specificly is obsessed with excess. So where other cultures enjoy casual drinking, we find the need to drink at a harmful rate. also I don’t know about you, but im a teenager, and therefore anything my parents tell me to do, I will go and do exactly that.(completly ludacris I know) so the fact that alcohal is promoted and were told not to drink equals out to kids getting drunk off our a** every wkend.. hope that answered your question:)

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