Why do you drink the drinks that you do?

I drink SoBe lifewater because it’s just amazing I love them they are better than other flavored waters out there. I drink one certain water because it’s delicious and everything else just tastes like tap.

Answer #1

I only drink water ahha and i sort of need that to surive lol but on occasion i will drink a little bit of soda becasue i like the taste and the tingly feeling lol

Answer #2

Most of the things I drink are because it’s healthy and tastes good. I like all natural drinks with no sugars added and no preservatives. Also drinks that have vegetables in them because sometimes I don’t get my full in take of vegetables, so that’s helpful.

Answer #3

because i love getting drunk =))

Answer #4

I love drinking “cappachinos” and pop becuase it taste good and helps me get through the mornings =D

Answer #5

The only bottled beverage I drink more than once a blue moon is Vitaminwater Zero.

I like that it has stevia in it instead of artificial sweeteners.

Answer #6

Arizona Green Tea is my weakness :) I love it because of the taste & how sweet it is.

Answer #7

I don’t like the taste of Arizona Green Tea but I do love Lipton Green Tea just delicious oh what a wonderful taste

Answer #8

Gatorade is baby a baby that i drink 6 bottles of a day

Answer #9

I drink carbonated water and coffee a lot. I like the carbonated water because it has the fizzies without the calories, and I like the coffee because it makes me feel comfortable and chilled out. I actually also like peppermint tea because of the calming effect it has on me.

Answer #10

Vitamin Water and coffee coffee coffee coffee and then some more coffee with a little extra coffee on the side.

Answer #11

Pepsi makes me happy :)

Answer #12

I drink water and coffee usually, and that is to help me study (and survive of course) and soda when i work so i get a rush and get done faster.

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