Did you ever have a dream that you were flying?

I dreamt that last night. I even felt it.

Answer #1

Yep, i’ve dreamed it and felt it, the butterfiles in my stomache. The more I have the dream, the more I enjoy it because somehow I just know i’m not going to hit the ground so it’s fun. I dont know how my mind is able to tell me i’m not going to hit the ground while i’m sleeping.

Answer #2


Answer #3

yupp i heard that it is a sign u are enjoying your life :)

Answer #4

Really? Hmmm. No wonder I havent dreamed it lately.

Answer #5

Yup. I have.

Answer #6

I used to dream flight when I was younger. It was always just like swimming though, it took a lot of effort not only to get off the ground, but to get higher and to stay up. When I was younger, I thought I could fly, I even remember trying and believing that I could. I felt that same strain of effort and it felt just like I was moving my legs, I remember it was breaststroke, it just felt exactly as it did when I dreamt. Feels like so long ago.

Answer #7

Flying in your dream means several things. If you are going through a tough situation it can mean that you need to look at it from a ‘higher’ position in order to find the solution. It can also mean that you are trying to avoid something in your life by ‘leaving it’ behind.

Answer #8

haha i had a very specific dream once, wen i was alot smaller, tht i was in trouble with my parents abt something or another & i was hovering above thr bedroom door & they wr trying to jump up & catch me but they cudnt so eventualy i flew over to the front & out the doors & landed rite on top of the lamppole haha after tht im not sure wat happend but yea. thts my story and im stickin to it hehe

Answer #9

Yeah i’ve had it manny times, life to many times… but it’s kinda relaxing for me… lol

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