Why is Cloward & Piven strategy being implemented by Obama?

Why is Cloward & Piven strategy being implemented by Obama. Government, Spending, Crash, Overwhelming the system

Answer #1

And who told you Obama is implementing this strategy? Let me guess.. Fox? The Heritage Foundation? Newsmax? Free Republic?

Answer #2

Do you even understand what the Cloward-Piven strategy was?

Answer #3

Seems like a stretch to me. Looks more like President Obama is trying to keep the system from melting down on its own.

Ironically the closest we came to the welfare system envisioned by Cloward and Piven was during the Republican Nixon administration. Nixon wished to replace the welfare system with a “living wage” system that would determine the minimum amount of money needed to provide basic security and make up the difference for those who make less.

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