How do I tell if my boyfriend is cheatin on me wit another girl?

I thnk that my boyfriend is cheatin on me but im not really sure and I have askd him bout it and he said that he isnt but this girl keeps tellin me that he is going out wit her and I don’t no if I should belive her or belive him please help me because I really luv this boy and he tells me he luvs me all the time and wnts 2 b wit me and that I am the only girl he luvs but I still just don’t no so if you could help thtd b great thnx all =)

Answer #1

always trust your instincts they/re usually always right if you feel deep down that he is then he probly is. and ask this girl for proof.

Answer #2

Well if the girl is trustworthy I would trust her bc guys are stupid , and you can’t trust them ! But if you truly believe that your boyfriend loves you & wouldn’t do that to you , believe him … If you think he is , and if your heart is telling you he is than he probably is but if your heart is telling you he isn’t than he is probably not . Go with your heart , & good luck !

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