don't love

my family don’t love me any ideas ??

Answer #1

give each one of them a lambo they should be happy then lol

Answer #2

Right im wit yumiyukai ^^^

Answer #3

Ok, I usually dont answer questions with to many answers but something about your problem forced me to answer it. Sometimes everyone feels like there parents dont love them. Now, I dont live in your house so I cant tell you what I think about your parents. You should talk about it with them. If you feel like they wont listen, then find someone who will love you, a girlfriend, another family member. Maybe you can live with someone else with your parents permission. Then they would miss you and be happy to see you, but it may make things wierd. But a girlfriend…yeah that will really help things but make sure its a girl you want to be with and not someone who puts you down. Good luck!

Answer #4

I understand where your comming from and there is no person that can say you dont feel the way you do. but never feel like your not needed in this world. friends is what kekpt me going when I felt like I just wanted to die. if you have any close friends and would like to ask them to be there for you, thats perfectly fine and they should be able to understand that. you could also try letting your parents know how you feel. if you dont feel comfortable doing this, you could let your feelings out in a creative writing, peom, song, even a rap. and no one ever has to know. this could be something you keep to yourself. never degrade your self, everyone has a purpose in life. dont give up hope(: good luck

Answer #5

Hey duvard: Your folks were in love enough to want to have you as their child, to nurture you, to help you grow up into the fine young man that you are now! Every mother’s son and father’s daughter(and vice-versa) needs to have the father’s blessing. Part of it was right there in the second line. “My son, whom I love and am well pleased, I love you so much and am so proud of how you are growing up so fast and strong. I know you will be a powerful man of God someday.”

Answer #6

if they hurt you badly call 911 and say you have overly abusev parents and you’ll be adopted into a better home

Answer #7

Of course your family loves you, if they are strict thats a different thing but If they hit you badly and curse at you all the times then you should report parents like that but I’m sure they love you

Answer #8

first of all, how can you be so sure. Second, if you are sure, we can’t help you cause we don’t know whats going on.

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