How can I make my daughter loves me ?

My problem is my daughter who thinks I hate her , she thinks I love her brother more than her , iam trying to give her more attention , but invain I have three other kids , and I love her more than the world , but she is so agressive to me.please help me and tell me what can I do

Answer #1

How old is your daughter? That might be part of the problem, I’d she is about 10, 11, 12, 13 then she might just be having mood swings. I’m not going to lie, I get mad really easily and I’m 13. You need to let her know that you love her as much as possible when she is in a good mood. Try just doing small things for her at first. Like not making her do something she doesn’t like to do, but doing it yourself or help her. Do you and your daughter do special little things together? That might be something to try. I would have to know more about what’s going on but I hope I helped.

Answer #2

well, I used to think my mother didnt love me either. It was horrible. Take her out places just you and her, that always means a lot, show her your thinking about her by texting her, ask her what she wants to do, and most importantly tell her you love her.

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