Has anybody heard of a dogo argentino?

Has anybody heard of a dogo argentino?

Answer #1

Awww, I love him! What a cutie!

You should join Magichalo1’s group, it’s all about dogs!


Answer #2

I have :) We had one in the shelter I work at named Myles. They look like big white pitt/American bulldog kinda dogs. I called him the DoDo dog LOL

Answer #3

his name is sid

Answer #4

hes sooo adorablee

Answer #5

awwhh! well my moms work friend has one. and hes SOOO CUTE!

Answer #6

Yes, they are beautiful. I love pitts and bulldogs too, so it’s natural I’d like them!

Answer #7

if anybody has any pix could you post them

Answer #8

Darling pup…


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