Does sex change you?

I’m a pretty shy and quiet guy will I be more open towards girls?

Answer #1

Being quiet is to do with your personality and having sex will not change that. Being with a partner can build up your self-esteem sometimes as you really connect with someone and get more confident around others too, but that is not always the case. To be more open towards girls you just need to work on your confidence. Write a list of reasons you are a great person, repeat ‘I am a great guy, and wonderful to know’ to yourself as a mantra and just work on being a bit braver in social situations and making the first move to approach someone.

Sex may make you be a bit more open, but it is doubtful. If it would make you feel good about yourself and confident though, then it may well do. Nobody can tell you how it will affect you as it is a personal thing really and affects people in different ways. I would not recommend sex just for the sake of it though, that can actually knock your self esteem if you end up liking someone you slept with and it is not reciprocated. The best thing is to build a close relationship before you take that step.

Answer #2

It doesn’t change you..

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