Can people have kids after having a sex change?

if a man has a … change can they have kids when thre a woman and vice versa for women

Answer #1

excellent and correct answer ty. the man who is pregnant was a woman and kept her ovaries, uterus, etc.

Answer #2

well…did you hear about the guy who was pregnant? so technically yes you can if he/she managed it.

Answer #3

I dont think they’ve been able to give men ovaries and vaginas that work, so if a man becomes a woman then no…

If a woman becomes a man and still has her ovaries and other parts then yes…

Answer #4

I don’t think so because I was just watching a talk show and they were talking about that, I think its impossible. Theres always adoption or surrogate mothers tho

Answer #5

women who become men yes. men who become woman no. men who turn into women still don’t have the repro. organs or the eggs to carry a baby.

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