Why does sex change your relationship?

Well i have been going out with my boyfriend for about 8 weeks so i had sex with him and now he all ways around and in my personal space and his mother told me he has a anger problem so now i wanna break up with him and the bad part is i had sex with him last night and i dont wanna get my self hurt help me

Answer #1

First of all u are always suppose to get to know him before u fuck him.Second of all make sure you have one of your guyfriends there with you when you tell him or tell him over the phone.

Answer #2

why did you have sex so soon…you didnt even have a chance to get to know him…..if the only reason youre with him is for the sex, then the relationship isnt worth it and you shouldnt be too hurt by a break up

Answer #3

im not saying its completley horrible you had sex with him after only 2 months… because all relationships move at a completley different pace than others… but if you didnt even know that much about him… then you made a serious mistake. but thats ok because you cant take it back. if you never noticed the anger problem before… mabey you should just get over the fact of it and see if you could go on… otherwise youll have to break up with him. just say… sex has made our relationship too intense we need to see other people… like over the phone or somthing… then mabey he’ll leave you alone. good luck.

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