Why am I randomly dizzy and tired?

Quick question- I’ve been really dizzy and tired lately, like randomly, just wondering if this could mean anything at all? Or is it just randomness?

Answer #1

Do you have a carreer in computers?

if you sit at a computes for to long you can become dishoriantated and tired so i seggest taking a break every 15-30 minz

Hope i helped

Answer #2

I do the same thing. But what I do is lay down,burrie(if thats how you spell it)my head in a pillow and squeeze me eyes shut tight for at least 5 seconds. If that doesnt help I recomend a doctor. But my aunt used to black out and fall on the floor and that was caused by Aneemik- being under weight, hope it helped.

Answer #3

depending on ur age of course but this could be a sign of just a cold coming on or it could be something worse. it might also be pregnancy but I dont know if you have any chance of being pregnant.

Answer #4

Yes, see a DOCTOR dont be afraid to go to your doctor, especily if you are passing and blacking out. im 15 and have had random tiredness and feeling weak and tired.

Answer #5

What’s your age? Generally speaking lethargy and dizziness are symptoms rather than a specific disease. Most of us will experience both symptoms countless times throughout our life span and it’ll probably increase with age. If you’ve not had a physical exam by a medical doctor I’d recommend that. If you have any other medical issues (ie: diabetes, htn, etc) you should contact your physician and let him or her know right away. If you’re fairly healthy you shouldn’t worry much about it but regardless, talk to a medical doctor/professional if you have any concerns–it’s better to err on the safe side. Take care. :-) -S

Answer #6

Im thirteen and this happens to me all the time. for about two months this has happened to me. I have passed out twice in the past month and fallen down the stairs from dizziness. another thing though is that I have headaches a lot and my vision will black out for a minute than be normal for a while. anyone have any ideas about this for me? yes I have a computer but I dont normally use it that often. thanks for your help and I hope you figure this out.

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