Does getting fingered for the first time hurt?

im 15. does it hurt when you get fingured for the 1st time. I mean what will it feel like. everytime I cum close to getin fingured by a boy I get scared because I think its gonnna hurt. plez help

Answer #1

it just depened on you…some girl I have finger for the first time say it hurts but other times say it dosent hurt at all

Answer #2

it depends on the girl and it REALLY depends on if he knows what he is doing. some girls are tighter than others so if you are really tight then it mihgt hurt the first time but not like a lot. and after that it will feel amazing. don”t worry it won’t hurt to bad, if at all.

Answer #3

just have him like rub with your shorts on. then have him rub on your underwearr.

Answer #4

my boyfriend and i will be seeing eachther this friday night, and im gonna let him finger me. its been 7 months yesterday since we started going out, and im now ready for him to do it. im kinda scared though but, i know im finally ready. i know this doesnt really answer ur question but, my friends have told me as long as u stay relaxed and dont get too tensed up, everything shud go fine.. but they said when u tense up and get scared, then thats when things go wrong.. regardless of tensing up or staying relaxed, it will most likely be sore for 1 to 3 days, depending on how hard he did it and how wet u were… make sure his nails r cute and his hands r clean. and make sure he has no cuts so that way u avoid an STD.. if he pops ur cherry this is perfectly normal so dont stress about it… also, it is likely to get stomach aches and u may feel as if u have to throw up afterwards.. but, that is all normal as well.. just make sure YOU r ready.. dont be pressured into doing sumthing ur not ready to do.. always respect urself and ur body and make sure ur man does the same.. if not, hes not worth it.. hope this helped. tell me how it goes :)

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