What age did you first get fingered?

Just wondering when other girls first do it. I was fingered for the first time last night. I am 13 and will be 14 in a month

Answer #1

do girls want to get fingered?

Answer #2

well im 16 and I’ve had oportunties but im to self concious about my body so I’ve beed to scared to let it happen

Answer #3

i haven’t yet im 15

Answer #4

i am 12 and i got fingered 2 days ago it feels really good he was not ho hard we are not going out but we dont just hang out for the sexual part of it we are really good mates and we have knowen each other for 3 years he is a year older than me but we are together every day when i am around him we are always hugging hooking up and stuff like that he fingered me for the first time i asked him to he wanted to go futher but i said no it all depends on the guy really

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