Do you only get mono from kissing?

I have mono,They think.
I heard you only get it form kissing.
if thats true,then I got it from my boyfriend.
which leads me to wonder who HE got it from.

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Nope. my sister used to have mono but, is was not from kissing! She says that it was from germs in the school water fountain! and guess what, thats what the doctor said to!

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Mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. You can get it in a variety of ways, as it is passed through saliva and mucous. So you can even get it from coughing.

You can get it from someplace as simple as a drinking fountain.

Once you have mono you will also test positive for EB. It is a virus you will have with you for the rest of your life though the occurance of mono usually only happens once.
Once you have been infected with EBV, your body may periodically shed (or give off) the virus throughout your lifetime, possibly spreading the virus to others. 2 This can occur despite the fact that you do not have symptoms after your initial mono infection; the virus may still be found in your saliva many months after you have recovered from your symptoms. Some newly infected people may not have any symptoms of mono and may not be aware they are spreading the virus that causes mono.

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) causes infectious mononucleosis. Most people have been infected with EBV by adulthood, but not all develop mono. Exposure to EBV often occurs in young children, but usually they do not develop symptoms of mono. However, if you are first exposed to EBV as an adolescent or young adult, the virus frequently causes symptoms of mono.

I had mono once. It takes a while to get over it but you just have to rest a lot and take care of yourself. There will be a lot of times where you won't want to eat so I recommend Ensure milkshakes to help you get the nutrients you need.

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u can get mono from sharing drinks with friends, kissing, any transfer of siliva can give you mono

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Huh..? What's Mono? is it a disease?

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well... you can get mono from other things not just kissing. by shareing drinks with someone, if someone with mono snezes on something and you put it near your mouth. so its not nessarially your boyfriend. and it takes 4-7 weeks for people to show the symtoms and sometimes they dont even show symptoms they just carry it. but after you have mono it will stay with you for life but your not nessicairly contagus. people just call it the kissing disiese but its not nessiairly from kissing people. its a saliva disease so theres thousands of ways you could have got it.
hope I helped. :)

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kissing is not the only way that you can get mono. mono is also spreaded by sharing drinks

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no it isnt the only way, I got it adn NEVER kissed anyone, it could be just overworking your self, which is how I most likely got it, I was all over, tired all the time, and didnt stop, adn I got it, not from kissing

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u can get it from kissing or you could get it by yorself my friend used 2 have it and shes never had a boyfriend.

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Kissing is a common way to contract mono, however not the ONLY way.

Sharing straws or cups, utensils, food, anything like that can give you mono. You could have easily contracted it from someone coughing or sneezing on or near you when you were at the store or at school. Mono is highly contagious.

If your boyfriend has mono, he'd have signs like you do. And even if he has it, you can't know who gave it to who. So don't worry about your boyfriend possibly kissing someone else.

If you are doubting him in any other way, or have concerns, I would talk to him about those calmly and rationally.

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Yes! Kissing is the most prevalent way of getting it. It comes from the saliva of someone else who has it and will last for 3-4 weeks.

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Yes kissing is a major way but not the only one your boyfriend could of gotten it by not washing his hands much or just not having a good immune system . So that is not the only way of getting it. Trust me I have had mono and my dad is a emergency room doctor. so it dostn mean he cot it from kissing some one else.

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im a sophmore in highschool, and I was diagnosed with mono about 2 days ago. a few days before I went to the doctor, I went to my grandparents house for dinner on valentine's day, and I started to feel like crap. so my mom gave me some robitussin thinking it was just the weather causing my sinuses to explode haha. I felt okay that night when I stayed the night at my boyfriends house. when it was time to go back to school the next day, I didnt want to wake up at all, I just didn't feel good. my throat hurt, my nose was running, I had a nasty cough, my neck hurt,the left side of my stomache hurt,and I still feel like that since its only been a few days haha. my whole body hurts and I just want to sleep all the time. around christmas time, I just came home from school and passed out for 2 house until my mom came home from work, and she would say to me, " why are you sleeping?" I've heard her say that everyday for the past 3 months. so I think I've had this for awhile. this really sucks. I've been home from school all week, and I dont even know when I can go back to school. I can't even kiss my boyfriend, which sucks. and no mono comes from other places besides kissing. the janitors at my highschool never clean the desks or anything so I probably got it from school since I havent kissed anyone else. im waiting for my boyfriend to get his results back from his blood test, im kinda upset since he didnt get a rapid blood test like I did. the nurse took 2 vials of blood from me and in 5 minutes my doctor told me I tested positive. and of course I get my period too this week! o great. haha. hopefully ill have some energy in a few weeks to start working out, since I gained weight from not wanting to do anything anymore. it seems like mono has taken over my body, I didnt play volleyball or basketball this year since I just didnt feel like doing the work that was involved with the sports. im just too tired and im hoping this will change soon. well im gonna go sleep! =/

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No, mono is not just from "kissing".
I have mono at the moment, and I have not kissed anybody in the past few weeks, I have been sharing drinks, straws, untensils and even food with my friends, so our saliva must of touched. Don't worry about your boyfriend kissing another girl, If he does have it, He could of got it the same way I did, by sharing drinks, or even not washing your hands a lot.

goodluck, and I hope you get better soon :)

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