Do you like George W. Bush?

I hate george w. bush dose anyone else

Answer #1

If you think in terms of the narrowly defined job as president I consider Nixon to in fact be one of the best. He is responsible for SALT, Detente, and reducing tensions with China the the USSR. He started the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA. As a team Nixon and Kissenger surpassed any administration since in foreign relations. Of course Nixon was a paranoid loner which ended up being his downfall. Why risk something so unseemly as a DNC break-in when he had a huge lead over George McGovern? Only someone who was a delusional paranoid would do something like that.

9/11 wasn’t a problem for GW Bush, it was a huge opportunity. Bush Jr’s approval was dismal before 9/11. I’m not trying to say that Bush had anything to do with 9/11 but I can’t think of anyone who has benefited more from it. Katrina could have been another opportunity for Bush but the fact that he headed FEMA with an imcopmetant crony had a lot to do with the failure here. America and the world all gave Bush Jr the benefit of the doubt after 9/11 but his continued and unsurpased incompetence used up all the goodwill 9/11 afforded him. As far as the economy goes his solution for everything seems to be tax cuts. Sometimes tax cuts help but they are not a panacea. If you go long enough without paying your bills bad things happen which America is discovering now.

Answer #2

I don’t HATE him, but he is one of the dumbest people I have ever heard speak in my life. He is, however, polled as to being the dmbest president, get this, not only of all time in american history, but also of any president, leader, or monarch of all time (Even worse than Sadaam Husein and Fidel Castro - who was ranked 2nd and 3rd). I cannot wait until he gets done with his term so we can finally bring our troops back from a war that we had no business in entering in the first place.

McCain for President!

Answer #3

I try not to hate anyone.

I don’t have anything personal against George W Bush. I do think he is the worst president of my lifetime and possibly in the history of the US. I don’t share his values. He seems to have utter comtempt for our constitution which in my book is the hardest thing to forgive him for.

Answer #4

While I disagree with many decisions made by Bush, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on others. After all, it’s easy to be president when you DON’T have things like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and an economy on the brink of recession.

He is definately not the worst president in US history. Those who say so don’t know much about the corrupt, scandalous administrations of Harding, Grant, and Nixon, the weakness of James Buchanan, or the controversy of John Tyler’s policies and veto power abuse. However, he is definately not one of the best either, nor should he be remembered as such.

Answer #5

I don’t hate him at all. I dislike another president or two way more than him.

Answer #6

I don’t hate him because hates a really strong word he has done some really shady things and I believe he does not deserve to run th US and thank god he is out of office soon. But I think he personally does not understand the extent of damage he has done to the US. He has not improved the educational system, he has given tax reforms to the richer people causing a huge gap between rich and poor. Not to mention when 9/11 happen he was caught only 2 days later golfing while his country needed him HE WAS GOLFING … what a joke. Not to mention what he has done with this current war. Anyways I dislike him but I don’t hate him… thank god I live in CANADA!!!

Answer #7

hell yea I hate him

Answer #8

yes I hate him too

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