Shouldn't George Bush be arrested for deleting all his email?

Clear, 100% violation of federal law. Bush’s administration nuked all his emails…and can’t recover them. So, a federal judge is demanding an explanation.

Come on, I can’t break federal law & get a demand for “explanations” if I do that, I go to jail. Why isn’t the president going to jail already?

Answer #1

Certainly anyone who breaks the law should pay the consequencies - no-one should be above the law - haven’t seen anything on this yet.

Answer #2

yes, bush has violated federal law and should be prosecuted. I am sure history will reveal other violations also.

Answer #3

Um, no. If the government had something important to give him, than they should have given it to him in a written document. Its their fault that these important files are gone, because they trusted him with something that could easily be gone forever via email.

Answer #4

his emails are not like your emails “nuffnuffmoo”!! lol

Answer #5

Presidents can do whatever they want - that’s the nature of the job - they are above the law.

Answer #6

well considering bush thinks of himself as king of the world, mr. one button and iraq doesnt exist

so really considering himself above the law (I remember a pledge in there somewhere but I guess thats gone in the bin)

so what can you do about it? nothing, who knows what mr. President had in his emails and all… but no one will find out because bush is too smart for us

Answer #7

amblessed, you have to be kidding… If you don’t know that millions of emails were deleted from white house email servers between 2003 and 2005, then I suggest you get a new TV. One that doesn’t have the channel stuck on FOX Noise.

The Presidential Records Act was enacted in 1978, and requires the president to preserve all presidential records, which are defined as those records relating to the “activities, deliberations, decisions, and policies that reflect the performance of [the president’s] constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties. . .”

Clinton implemented a system that ensured all emails were archived and backed up. Bush scrapped that system and replaced it with… uh… NOTHING! Now why would he do such a thing? Do you think he might have something to hide?

It was a clear violation of federal law and one the justice department should have investigated, and prosecuted. But guess what? The justice department happens to be part of the executive branch (even though it is supposed to be independent), and of course they refused to do it. Surprise, surprise!!

Now what might have been going on during the time of the missing emails? Oh that’s right, the political firing of targeted federal prosecutors. And who was AG at the time? Oh, that’s right, Gonzo The Liar!

But these are all just innocent mistakes, right?

Answer #8

President above the law? The President is the law…which is a terribly horrible mistkae in the history of the history of the world…Just like electing him as president was…XD

Answer #9

I didn’t know deleting emails was illegal. Man, I’m so going to jail.

Answer #10

are you really asking the government to do the right thing? what world are you from?

Answer #11

I don’t know enough information about the question at hand to judge but I think there should definitely be a full inquiry.

I’m deeply troubled that anyone would think the President is above the law. He is the servant of the People and it’s time everyone remembered it!

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